Photos with tag: Farms

Farmers on the Knoll Estate, Orpington , Orpington

Mr Bassett and two other farm workers haymaking.

Winters Farm, Orpington, 1905 Now the site of Homefield Rise.

Widmore Farm, Bromley c.1840 Artist’s impression of Widmore Farm.

Winters Farm, Orpington Workers and two carts at the entrance to the farm.

Winters Farm, Orpington 1905 Rear view of the farm, looking west from approximately the position of where Lancing Road runs today. The farm land has been replaced by Homefield Rise.

Kelsey Park Farm, Beckenham c.1910 The farm was located on Wickham Road, Beckenham. Showing cows in field

Lane to Kevingtown , St Mary Cray late 19th C Horse and wagon on lane to Kenningtown, near entrance to Orpington House. Situated just a mile to the south-__east of urban St Mary Cray, Kevington is a rural hamlet (also … Continue reading

Farmland , Farm plot with thatched building, trees and lumber

Tripes Farm, Orpington , Orpington Workers Cottage at Tripes (pig) Farm, Ramsden Road, Orpington

Turpington Farm, Bromley , Bromley Exterior of the farm house at 146 Southborough Lane

The Priory,  Orpington Old barn buildings behind brick wall along side roadway