Photos with tag: War

Unidentified High Street scene with shops , Late 19th early 20th Century.

High Street scene with horse and carts. Arnaud and son Builders is on right and C Edwards on left.

War Memorial Corner of High Street, Beckenham 1920 Beckenham war memorial in centre of road with a fairground behind

Beckenham War Memorial, Beckenham 1930s Beckenham war memorial and funfair on opposite corner behind fence

Aerial View of Orpington Looking north with war memorial roundabout in centre. The High Street is shown going north, Spur Road to the east, Sevenoaks Road coming up from the south and Station Road to the left

War Memorial Corner of High Street, Beckenham undated View taken from Croydon Road showing Woods Garage on corner and fairground in distance

West Wickham Soldiers. c 1914-18 Eight men in military uniform, probably the Great War, and two men in civilian dress

Family group , Family group, late Victorian / Edwardian, showing mother and father, five boys and three girls and a dog standing on steps in front of a large front door

Charles Thompson, Draper , Front exterior of shop with windows blown out, possibly from a fire or bomb damage. Three young boys standing with Policemen outside.

Recreation ground with open air performance, 1900s.  Large group of Edwardians standing or sitting at open air performance in park (possibly Croydon Road Recreation Ground, Beckenham)

Dene Hole, 1953 Men with winch lowering man with tin helmet into boarded round hole. Possible bomb site

Band playing in recreation ground, 1900s.  Large gathering of Edwardian people watching a band.  The is possibly Croydon Road Recreation Ground, Beckenham.