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All Saints Church.

The Yorkshire Grey, Blackheath Hill 1913

Woodlands was built between 1774 and 1776 for John Julius Angerstein, the financier and art collector whose collection forms the basis of the National Gallery. The Architect was George Gibson, who is also thought to have designed the Knoll. The … Continue reading

Interior view of apse

Numbers 2 -13 The Grove (later West Grove), c.1905. This part of Blackheath was known originally as Chocolate Row and later as The Grove. The first name came from the (drinking) chocolate house built here in 1702, which became one … Continue reading

Flying bomb damage to Wemyss Road, Blackheath.

View of front of shop

View of stamp shop, antiques shop and hairdresser (T.W. Smith)

View through trees

Tranquil Passage, Blackheath 1952

Front view