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Arica Road, Brockley

Bomb destruction and a women inspecting/examining the disaster in Wickham Road, Brockley.

BDS with bomg at Wickham Road.

Wickham road site cleaned and repair to houses from war damages.

Tressillian Road Brockley

Upper Brockley Road c.1912

Tressillian Road, Brockley

Postcard published by Albert Flint, c.1900. Brockley Road at the junction of Comerford Road and Ivy Roads. The surrounding area has been built up in the last thirty years, and has its shopping centre here. In the distance is St … Continue reading

Damage to the Roman Catholic Church St Michael.

A fallen angel lies in the ruins of the Roman Catholic Chapel at Brockley Cemetery.

St Peter’s Church, Wickham Road Brockley